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Robotics has been a staple of advanced manufacturing for over half a century. As robots and their peripheral equipment become more sophisticated, reliable and miniaturized, these systems are increasingly being utilized for military and law enforcement purposes Mobile robotics play an increasingly important role in military matters, from patrol to dealing with potential explosives. “With suitable sensors to perform different missions, mobile robots are operated remotely for reconnaissance patrol an operator. WI-FI technology aims to exchange data  wireless at a short distance using radio wave transmission comprising features to create ease, perception and controllability. we have proposed a robot that can be controlled using wireless technology. According to commands received from android the robot motion can be controlled.
This multi functional robot has disseminated into modules which have their own functionality. Due to advancement in technology, these surveillance robots are advent to use in remote and defense areas. Instead of DTMF technology we use WI-FI technology has been installed. As per the requirement we can add different sensors to check different parameters. it shows some important parameters like fire, metal, human, any obstacle, gas, location, temperature, live video streaming, pick and drop system and so on.